RGS-IBG 2014 Panel: ‘Geographical engagements with climate justice’

Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers Annual International Conference, London, 26-29 August 2014.

Session organizer: Gareth Edwards (University of St Andrews, UK)

— Sponsored by the Geographies of Justice Research Group —

In both academic and policy circles, climate justice is emerging as an important concept guiding both mitigation and adaptation. While the early academic literature focussed on international and intergenerational questions of distributive justice in the context of intergovernmental climate change negotiations (e.g. Gardiner, 2004; Paavola & Adger, 2006; Parks & Roberts, 2010), engagements with climate justice from geographers—particularly political ecologists and environmental justice scholars—have recently begun to mushroom (e.g. Bulkeley et al., 2013; Bulkeley et al., 2014; Chatterton et al., 2013; Forsyth, in press; Wainwright & Mann, 2013). Scholars have sought to develop more progressive theorizations of climate justice, to interrogate it in the context of critical theory, and to examine how it is being articulated by social movements as well as governments and their negotiators at the international climate negotiations. The time is ripe to begin bringing these interventions together, to consider how climate justice fits within and links to related areas of geographical scholarship, and to map out the contours of a geographical research agenda on climate justice.

I therefore seek panellists for a session exploring geographical engagements with climate justice. This would include people working directly on climate justice, but also those working on related areas such as environmental justice, energy justice, urban political ecology, neoliberal natures, moral geographies etc. If you would be interested in being involved in the session, please email me (gase@st-andrews.ac.uk) with a short (one para.) expression of interest no later than Friday 14th February 2014.

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